Saturday, October 24, 2009

Welcome to the launch of SpaceDuel!


Take part in exciting spaceship vs spaceship combat in the far reaches of space! Enjoy fast, fluid gameplay involving laser beams, particle cannons, crazy teleport abilities and more. The game has 5 unique classes of ships with very different abilities and weapons. Unlock them all and fight with your opponents over local-wifi to see who comes out first!

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How to play

Piloting your ship is easy. Tap ANYWHERE on the screen and drag. This will cause your ship to move in the direction of where you dragged.
Your ship has 2 weapons that are activated by tapping(or holding, depending on the weapon) on the 2 buttons situated at the lower corners of the screen.

Every ship has shields, a halo glow that is visible when shields are present. As the ship takes damage, the shields fade away. Shields regenerate and the regeneration rate depends on the type of ship you are piloting.

Your energy is determined by the energy bar on the upper rightmost corner of the screen. As you shoot or use abilities, energy goes down. It will recharge if you stop shooting/using ship abilities.

Health is the red bar on the left of the energy bar. Health does not regenerate. When health drops to zero, your ship dies.

The Ships

There are 5 classes of ships in the game. They are all different, with unique weapons/abilities. They handle differently too. Large ships feel heavier and turn more slowly while the smaller ones are more nimble.
When you first start the game, the basic Shikra fighter is available for piloting while the remaining 4 ships have to be unlocked by playing the single player missions.

This is the basic fighter that you start out with. It is moderately fast and maneuverable. The ship shoots single stream of energy cannons as well as long range homing missiles.

Energy Cannons

Weak single stream of particle energy that launches from the ship. Tap to activate.


Long range missiles that home in on the enemy. Missiles home in the shikra fighter is facing the enemy within a large angle of attack. They lose their lock otherwise. Tap to activate.

This is a powerful long range fighter armed with twin plasma cannons and a chargeable plasma blast. It turns fast but has a relatively slow speed.

Plasma Cannons

Twin plasma bullets that shoot from the ship. Tap to activate.

Plasma Blast

A powerful medium range attack. Hold down on the plasma blast button to charge up the weapon. The energy blast will grow larger the longer you hold it down. Release to shoot.

A long-range attack ship with explosives that can be triggered off by the pilot. It also has the ability to take away an opponent's shield.

Remote Mine

A powerful area-effect explosive that can be triggered off from a distance. Hold the button to launch the explosive, release to detonate it.


This attack does not do any physical damage to a ship but rather, removes all shields from the enemy. Turns around space battles if used effectively. Tap to activate.

Small ship that is low on hitpoints. It compensates this by being very fast and very agile. It also has a fiery shield around it that regenerates very rapidly. The unique thing about this ship is that its shields are also the same as its energy so using abilities drains both the shields and energy of the ship.

Lightning Beam

Extremely powerful short range beam weapon that tears about opponents in a short amount of time. Hold down to activate, release to stop firing.


This overloads the shields on the ship, causing them to expand and repel away particle and missile based attacks. Objects are pushed away from the ship. In addition to that, lightning beams are also emitted from the shields and zap enemies randomly. Tap to activate. Requires a full energy bar.

Flanked by 2 short-range fighters, the Shinoth carrier is a ship you do not want to mess with. A powerful but very slow ship that carries a lot shields and hitpoints.

Beam Cannon

Powerful short-range beams that make short work of the enemy. Hold down to shoot, release to stop firing.


Teleport a short distance forward. Useful for escape situations or when you want to ambush an enemy from behind. Tap to activate. Requires a full energy bar.